Safe Haven : The solution to digital inheritance

Safe haven is a digital inheritance blockchain platform which protects the digital assets of the owner when he is no more. The digital assets of the owner now can be shared amongst stakeholders or children in a transparent and secure way via Seeds / private-keys.

Safe haven ICO

Safe Haven


The crazy bitcoin surge in the year 2017 has brought in a huge number of people into the crypto world to reap the benefits of the record-breaking gains of digital assets every other day. Generally, investor’s main aim is to invest in cryptocurrencies to gain profits in order to establish financial independence, or simply to have some savings for their children. Now with so much money involved in the whole cryptosystem, security was a big threat to all the digital assets kept by the people. So to secure the assets various exchange and wallets secured digital assets via passwords, keys or seeds.

A time comes when the owner of those digital assets is no more. The digital assets owner stored for his family now cannot be accessed by them because the owner was unable to hand over its digital assets or provide adequate instructions for his loved ones during his lifetime.

Safe Haven is designed to solve the existing problem by guaranteeing a safe and secure passage of the keys/seeds to the rightful heir of the owner.



Safe Haven provides the opportunity to protect the digital assets without locking the owner out. Seeds / private-keys / passphrases can be shared amongst stakeholders or children in a transparent and secure way.


The Family Circle Share Distribution Protocol

A family circle is a group that the owner chooses who will inherit the digital assets of the owner after his death. The TFC SDP is a protocol developed by Safe Haven in order to establish a circle of trust in the eco-system.

The owner will divide his seeds/keys into several shares so that if anything ever happens to the user, its family circle can reconstruct the key by merging their shares, but not without the share of the validator, which through a smart contract, is stocked on the blockchain in a secure and transparent manner.



1.Jürgen Schouppe, Founder/Security.

Jürgen is the main man at Safe Haven Trust Alliance Platform. He holds 10 years of experience in developing and network security for European Parliament in Brussels. Jürgen is also the founder of a number of IT companies.

2.Logino Dujardin, Co-Founder / Account Manager

Logino is an entrepreneur and passionate about Account Managing. With his years of experience in a multinational environment, he is the guy in the right place to bring Safe Haven to the next level.

3.Andy Demeulemeester, Co-Founder / Software Architect

Andy is a crypto enthusiast, co-founder of Safe Haven and co-developer for the Safe Haven platform.

4.Andrew Kamal, Blockchain Architect

Andrew has been interested in the crypto space since 2011 and is creator and founder of WeCrypto.net and MQTCrypto.com.

5.Alain Degreffe, DevOps-Software

Alain is Network and System (Unix) Freelancer engineer for European Institutions and Open Source Developer.


SHA Token Utility

  1. The token is used as service payment for the creation and execution of smart contracts
  2. Users are required to keep tokens in safe Haven Smart Contract wallet to use the inheritance feature.


SHA Token Sale

  1. Pre-ICO: Feb 24th – March 10th,2018
  2. Tokens for Sale: 51,000,000
  3. Soft Cap: 3,000ETH
  4. Hard Cap: 10,000ETH

Safe Haven looks to solve a genuine problem because what’s the point of investment when one cannot transfer the same to its heirs. To know more about Safe haven visit Safe Haven website and its telegram.

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