Keyrpto: A Blockchain based E-Commerce platform


Keyrpto is a blockchain based e-commerce platform which provides a medium to exchange products using cryptocurrency. On Keyrpto a seller will be able to create its online store where it can showcase its products and connects it with potential customers. A buyer will also be able to browse through the list of products and can make a payment for the product through a digital token. The money paid for the product will be stored in an escrow account until the buyer receives the product paid for. The goal of Keyrpto is to revolutionize e-commerce and provide small business an opportunity to sell products and services with any major cryptocurrencies by eliminating any high-priced middlemen. Keyrpto platforms conduct transactions between buyers and sellers via smart contracts.

Keyrpto Team

Key members of the team include Osama Morad (Founder), a blockchain entrepreneur and senior developer of Ethereum. Other key members of the team include Masaud Faisal (CTO), Mohamed Samir (Digital Marketing Manager), and Ronnel Castro (Infrastructure Lead).

How Does Keyrpto work?

  1. After signup, one can use easy-to-use listing tools to start selling the products.
  2. Keyrpto helps shoppers by providing a rich interface to browse through the list of products and services.
  3. The shoppers pay in cryptocurrencies to the Keyrpto escrow account and then receive the payment when the delivery of the product is confirmed.
  4. Keyrpto deducts some portion of the money as platform fees and transfers directly the cryptocurrency into the seller’s account.
  5. Other features of keyrpto are similar to today’s standard e-commerce platforms where users can set up their wish list, add items to their shopping cart and customize account settings.
  6. Keyrpto also has set up production mechanisms for both buyers and sellers in case of online disputes between two parties.
  7. The company has launched its platform prototype in 2018 and is soon covering its presence on mobile platforms

Keyrpto Benefits

There are five main points on which Keyrpto lays emphasis on:

  1. Quick and Easy payments
  2. Easy price comparison
  3. 24/7 availability
  4. Easy-to-use search engine
  5. Discreet purchases with cryptocurrency

Additionally, Keyrpto protects buyers from online frauds, including failed deliveries, deliveries to an incorrect address, lost shipments, delivery of an incorrect item, and delivery of an item that doesn’t meet the seller’s description. Also for Sellers, it provides an easy to set up an online store to reach a global audience and saving setup and operational costs.

Keyrpto KYT token sale

  1. Keypto has its own token called KYT.
  2. All tokens are created using ICO period with a maximum number of 1 billion KYT tokens.
  3. A total of 510 million tokens are being sold during the token sale.
  4. The remaining tokens are allocated for operations (10%), marketing (10%), bounties and early investors (5%), advisors (4%), and the team (20%).
  5. The sale has a hard cap of $5.1 million USD and a soft cap of $3 million.
  6. The token sale will begin on 25th March 2018.

To more about Keyrpto visit Keyrpto Website and do your own research before investing. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our socials to keep yourself updated with the latest news on Cryptocurrencies.

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