Friend Ico [FRND] : Blockchain based Cloud Computing

The Friend Ico Unifying Platform is a powerful open source framework that will allow the developers to swiftly deploy their applications and integrate with Ethereum and other decentralized technologies in a blockchain based cloud infrastructure, the Friend Network- in the participants share ownership over the infrastructure and get rewarded in tokens.


Friend Network – a decentralized virtual Friend CLoud computer network based on blockchain technologies aims to provide the cloud infrastructure as free as the internet. Providing a rich toolset without having to download software, experiencing smooth, fluid, rapid operation, without the need for any high spec computer.

Friend provides a virtual cloud computer instance that allows to widely deploy applications and services in a node network, accessible to anyone with a web browser from high-performance desktop workstations, down to mobile phones that fit in your pocket – and everything in between.


Friend Unifying Platform

Friend is a rich and versatile open source platform that allows developers to build rich, distributed multi-platform applications using a range of blockchain based functionality and tools available with zero deployment cost.The platform provides a set of standard applications and storage with various driver settings for user convenience. Users can perform many tasks from moving files between drivers, viewing media to launch programs or running applications remotely without installation. In addition, it allows multiple users to access the software and run it at the same time from the same host. To simplify, it is a machine that can connect the resources of another machine all into one unified experience.


The platform consists of following components.

  1. Friend Core – a kernel that manages user sessions, resources, and applications on the server.
  2. App distribution framework
  1. Libraries – runtime linked written in C that is pluggable.
  2. Modules – using piped processes written in PHP, Node.js and Python and connecting data and enabling securely exchange data between the server and the client.
  3. File System Drivers – allows connecting to any structured and unstructured engine.
  4. Application APIs and command serving.
  5. Friend Workspace – a versatile framework for multitasking in one tab.
  6. Core Applications.


The team combines more than 130 years of engineering experience consisting of successful entrepreneurs, part of building many companies.

1) Hogne Titlestad

Founder, Chief Architect & Chief Operating Officer

2) Arne Peder Blix

CEO & Founder

3) Thomas Wollburg

Chief Technology Officer

4) Jolanda Engelvaart

Chief Financial Officer, Chairman

5) Paul Lassa

Chief Product Officer

6) Pawel Stefanski

Software Engineer


FRND Token Utility

FRND token is the digital currency used in friend network and the friend store for use and trade between service providers and clients. It serves as a form of payment for the software as a service from providers available at the Friend Store. Friend network also brings incentives in form of tokens for Friend Core Servers users.



1) Pre-Sale: Open Now Untill Full

2) ICO: 16  April– 16 May 2018

3) ICO price: 1 ETH = 20,000 FRND

4) Tokens for sale: 30,000,000

5) Soft cap: 25,000 ETH

6) Medium cap: 50,000 ETH

7) Hard cap: 75,583 ETH

8) Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH


Token Distribution

  1. Friends Team: 6%
  2. Friend Network: 12%
  3. ICO Participants: 82%


The project is implemented properly holds a great future because the world is moving towards cloud and Friend Network can be a great boon for solution providers leveraging the use of Blockchain and Cloud Computing together.


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FRND ICO website – https://friendup.cloud/

FRND ICO Telegram https://t.me/friendupcloud


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