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3 Best wallets to store Dashcoin (DASH)

Best dash cryptocurrency wallets

Some of cryptocurrency in market doesn’t get much of the limelight. Dashcoin is a cryptocurrency which is less fluctuating than other cryptocurrency with big name like Bitcoin and ethereum. The price of Dash Coin is around $602 during writing this article.

If you like to hold some currency so you should definitely be doing some research work on Dash Coin because experts around the world always suggests that HODL the Dashcoin. If you want to hold your coin you must know some of the good Dash wallets to store them in. A ideal wallet for any cryptocurrency should have amazingly simple UI, compatibility, security, and control of your private keys.


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So here is the list of wallets you can use to store your Dashcoin .



Coinomi is multi currency wallet. It supports like 70 cryptocurrency and 200+ tokens. If you want to store some currency other than Dash and you can also use this wallet. The control of private key will be under the user.

Using coinomi you will be experiencing a great UI for using the application and security is not a issue here. There are no security breaches experienced. This application is for Android users only but they have assured that their iOS application will be out soon.

Coinomi doesn’t allow you to share instant send or private send.


dash coin cryptocurrency wallet

Exodus is another amazing wallet with a good user interface. It was developed by JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli somewhere in 2015. It was first of it’s kind. It was desktop based wallet with multiple cryptocurrency support and it was absolutely free. On the start up it shows you a pie chart of your money in various cryptocurrency.

The user interface is so smooth and simple. With a quiet good UI you won’t compromise with security here. They provide one click system recovery with a 12 word phrase. It supports 11 cryptocurrency. It doesn’t allow to private send Dashcoin. While registration for the wallet you don’t need any identity verification.


Dash wallet is solely based on storing and sending Dash coin. It is most secure wallet for Dash coin. It was developed by hash Engineering solution.

It does allow to control your private keys but you can’t export them out of the dash wallet. It allows you to instant send your Dashcoin but doesn’t allow you to private send those. You can use Bluetooth for transaction offline via Dash Coin.

Dash Core iOS

dash-wallet- for-ios

This is probably only official application for iOS devices for storing Dash Coin. This application is directly connected to the Dash developers so there is no other server to hack. You can use Instant send with Dash core but private send is not supported. With shape shift integration you can exchange your Dash Coin to BTC and send those.

At present it is only for iOS users.

Dash core desktop


Dash core is solely based on desktop support. It is the only wallet which will allow you to do any sort of thing which Dash was meant to be. Private send, Instant send, No ID verification, masternode management. If you want to use the features of the Dash Coin for which it was developed you should definitely be using this wallet. It allows you to fully access your Dash funds and all the controls of your private keys. It allows you to private send or instant send your Dash funds.

It is available for Mac and Windows devices.

Note, all the wallets listed are based on the past user experience they might be change in future.

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