Companies which are adopting the Blockchain Technology

As it is a well known fact that Blockchain technology is extremely productive and its applications are wide. Not only in market of cryptocurrency but it is showing its full potential in other sectors like banking and financial services and using the blockchain technology in business registers.

Every organization has an administrative level control which will be established tools that facilitate management in such areas in order to control estimates budgets forecasts production sales customer payrolls among others.

Many of the major companies in this leading sector are adopting the blockchain technology inter-services like a Real estate, Health organization,

political organization, Bank entities, Human resources and many others.

So now let’s discuss which major companies had adopted blockchain Technology. Multiple companies have already adopted the blockchain technology and some others are planning to adopt blockchain technology to improve the service and to improve the better management of the workers and users.



As we have discussed many of the companies in banking sectors are adopting the blockchain technology and MasterCard is one of them, they’ve patent their own blockchain Technology. This United State based company is one of the leading companies which makes debit cards and credit cards many of the leading banks are their clients. They are planned to make the own blockchain system which can use in very fast transactions across the world.


It is an another internationally famous organisation which has adopted the blockchain technology already. In there trying and testing of a shipment which was used to trade across the nation. They have achieved the operation within 2.5 hours which use to take 7-10 days before.

Santander Bank

Banco Santander  decided to make their own blockchain system which will used in transactions across the nation with an estimated time of 40 seconds. With the help of the blockchain that will be transparency at low Commission rate.

Blockchain based startups in 2018

So how is this blockchain technology is improving the company’s management

The technological base used by the blockchain system has ability to execute multiple transaction simultaneously thus this help in the increase in production value.

Blockchain Technology was first presented by a well-known asset, the Bitcoin. Since then the blockchain technology is being used in different purposes such as smart contracts. There are many projects going on in the field of blockchain Technology for using his Technology in different fields like the artificial intelligence.

Due to this technology there is a reduction in the initial cost and there is a significant increase in the production which is the ideal condition for a new startup or the business. After the Bitcoin there is another cryptocurrency which used this blockchain technology and which has over 3 million users, Ethereum. It is one of the valuable asset at the time and ethereum is also used in making intelligent or smart contracts.

A web browser called brave was born with the help of the blockchain technology and it was designed by CEO of Mozilla Firefox. This browser is advertisement free, while user are payed to visit some secured advertising websites.

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