How to buy bitcoins without verification

how to buy bitcoins anonymously

Bitcoin first comes in market in 2009 but last few years the bitcoins comes in trends. As the Bitcoin becomes trending and important to the market , the main headache among people is how buy the bitcoins with easy because buying bitcoin is really confusing. So ,now there is so many platform are giving Bitcoins to user without any verification’s. But the as the convenience is low it leads to increase the price 5-10% extra. Here the 5 platform which offers bitcoins without any verification’s :

1.Local Bitcoins :

Local Bitcoins is bitcoin startup launches on 2012.It is a P2P Bitcoin Exchange where you can buy bitcoins by paying cash or send them money via PayPal or Bank without any other verification’s.

2.Virwox :

Virwox is the best way to buy the bitcoins in international market. There is a condition for buy bitcoins you first have to buy SLL coins then you exchange your SLL with bitcoins. The process is  long but the processes are so fast that makes this platform so popular.

3.Bitcoin ATMs :

There are some bitcoins ATMs are available which don’t require your identity  or fingerprint identification. You can simply buy direct bitcoins from such ATMs in exchange of currency.

4.Mycelium Local Trader :

This platform very popular among user and In this platform you can bitcoins direct from the seller via sending currency through PayPal or Bank.It is trading app which is available on Play store and works with help of GPS.

5. Indacoin :

Indacoin was launched in 2014 and become the popular platform for buying bitcoins without any verifications. This exchange only accepts credit/debit cards and you also need to fill payment form.But this platform have limitation on buying bitcoins, exchange limits are –

  • First Time you can buy bitcoins of $100 USD.
  • After 4 days you can buy bitcoins of $200 USD.
  • 7 days later you can buy bitcoins of $500.
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