The first ever Blockchain powered Voting Election in Sierra Leone

The 21st century is the time of technological advancement where we have driver-less cars, bots replacing humans but isn’t there a better way of voting than the way it’s being done today?

There are people who believe that Blockchain would be the solution to the voting problem which will provide a secured, easily accessible and a transparent medium for voting.

On March 7, 2018, the world’s first blockchain based presidential vote took place in Sierra Leone. Agora is the company behind the whole blockchain-based voting process providing its technology. Agora is a Blockchain voting technology company based in Switzerland. In the election, Agora used a custom permission blockchain technology that it has built over the last two years. Permission blockchain networks only allow a group of participants in the network who are given an authority to provide the validation of blocks of transactions or participating in a voting process.

The blockchain based voting process marks an important step in improving the democratic state of countries who are marred by the rigged voting process. Although the blockchain based voting has a long way to go. In Sierra, Leone voters submitted their votes on the ballots and then the impartial observers registered the votes on the blockchain. Despite such a hurdle, a blockchain based voting system over paper ballots includes reduced costs, the removal of human error and faster access to election results.

Sierra Leone elections have been quite peaceful and honest and the company Agora is already in talks with the other nations to host a similar kind of blockchain based election. Stalwarts like the USA still resort to ballot based voting process under high scrutiny and security to make sure the whole process is as honest as possible but with blockchain based technology at disposal which provides a secure and faster results blockchain backed voting process could go mainstream in future.


Source – CNN

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