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A digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

In simple language, blockchain is a growing network which is interlinked with each other with secure cryptography. It’s an open distribution ledger which can be used to record the transaction between two parties permanently.

Based on the peer to peer network many of the potential startups can be formed or build using this blockchain. As the hacking is almost impossible and security breaches are very much smaller this network is gaining a lot of lights.

As I said this network is gaining a lot of attention over the period of time, the companies based on this are in numerous numbers. It’s very difficult for companies to stand out in those crowds using the almost same technology.

So here is the list of some potential startups which can help to build a better future.


A smart contract based company on the ethereum technology. This is an Estonian company, which tends to combine legal documentation with artificial intelligence. It will be very helpful for those who don’t know about the technical coding side.

Self key

Many companies using the blockchain technology are basically based on the marketing strategy. But the blockchain network can be used widely in other sectors also. Self-key is the example of that. In this digital world, everything is complex nowadays. Even the digital identity too. With help of self-key, the digital identities like bank account details and other stuff would become very secure. Hence a better use of blockchain.


Extra credits are some interesting. You could earn and learn. Earn in Bitcoin. Yes! Extra credits are claiming something like this. They say that learning about the blockchain technology itself and earn money online by passing the tests. You can earn money and side-by-side learn about the blockchain technology too.


This could be the revolution in courier services you can track down your parcel from the warehouse to the moment when it reaches you at your doorstep. They have hired many notable personalities in this field to work on this project. The public opening for the tokens will be soon.


It’s a voice/video calling application which will pay users to talk to there experts. You can gain knowledge as well as you can market your skills here. Users will spend the time talking to experts and earn tokens for the time spent. Interestingly weird.


Space, where viewing can help, earn tokens. This an interactive ad space where viewers will be paid to interact with the content of the website. Thereby increased the viewership and attract more users. They have already 4 million users.


Creating a decentralized accounting, and real-time reports for the statistics of the token. Audit chain will be using blockchain technology to provide audit and help the world from the biggest frauds.


A very important Note, investing in any of the startups can even cause you loss of money so it is advisable that you should take some experts’ advise before investing.

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