Alphacat : A Robot advisor for the crypto market

The big surge of cryptocurrencies in late 2017 has brought in new investors in the market. New ICOS, new projects using blockchain technology are coming into the picture every other day. But the biggest problem of the whole crypto market is its volatile nature. The volatility of the cryptos has been a great headache for the crypto trader. Predicting stock market trends can come with experience and observation but in the crypto market, nothing can be predicted. It is a normal scene where a crypto gets half in value within a span of few days. Such fluctuations can be demotivating for the new and inexperienced investors.

Alphacat realized the need and in response brought a solution which can be a great boon for the crypto enthusiasts. Alphacat is the world’s first robot adviser marketplace that focuses on cryptocurrencies. The platform utilizes the technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to predict the future value of specific cryptocurrencies.


Alphacat’s AI robots use big data to calculate to predict the outcome of the market through analyzing various patterns. The prediction accuracy of the platform is said to be around 60% which is to be the best amongst its rivals. The platform is said to live in Q3 of 2018.


Until now the technology is only being used for Bitcoin but can be extended to other cryptocurrencies as well. The founder and CEO, Dr. Bin Li, is the former VP of wealth management behemoth Merrill Lynch and the former Executive Director of Swiss global financial services company UBS. His all-star team consists of over 30 experts in the fields of AI, machine learning, finance technology, big data, and blockchain technology.


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