5 Best Ripple wallets to store Ripple (XRP)

As everyone is well aware of Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple is the second highest cryptocurrency as per the market cap. Market cap of Ripple is $108.3 billion. In past few months XRP has gone up with +977%. Insane. People are now investing in XRP and are making considerable amount of profit.

For investment in Ripple it is the best time to invest. There is considerable amount of hike in XRP and it’s still in the green side. If you’re making any investment plan in XRP you should have think about wallets to store Ripple safely and in an easy way and which are trusted by other Ripple investors. So here are some best wallets to store XRP

Best Ripple wallets to store cryptocurrency:- Ripple (XRP)

First before listing best wallets to store Ripple here is some special note to remember before opting any of the wallet. Bitcoin wallets are free they don’t charge for storing them. But wallets which stores XRP charge 20XRP to book a wallet address. So if you’re planning to invest in XRP so choose wisely in opting for wallets because they will charge you for booking the address. If you don’t choose the right wallet you might end up loosing your 20 XRP  instead.


  • Ledger Nano S

Ledger is a harder one of the Best Ripple wallets to store XRP as it is a hardware wallet it is more secure obviously. As a hardware wallet it provides more security with very handy usage. You can carry it around anywhere. Ledger Nano S can also store many other popular cryptocurrencies like Dash, BTC, ETH, Zcash and now it is available for XRP also. It is advisable that you should order it from it’s official website only. If some is investing in Ripple and is comfortable with a hardware device for storing it this is the best option.


  • Toast wallet

Toast is an open source wallet free to everyone. Anyone can use this wallet. It’s not a hardware wallet like Ledger is but as per the company saying it is very secure and simple

Company also quote that “simple enough for your grandma but safe enough for a Swiss banker

Toast’s very big advantage is that all the secure keys remain with you. You have the total control over the secure keys.

And prior to this Toast is available for iOS, Android, and Mac devices.




  • Exarpy

It is a non hosted Best wallet for XRP. You can access this from any browser. Using this wallet you can send or receive or store any amount of Ripple without involvement of any third-party. But every transaction cost you about 0.025 XRP and this includes Ripple network fee too.

Now let’s see some of the exchange companies who are capable of storing you Ripple in their wallet system.




It’s not a fully functional wallet company but it’s a exchange for XRP.They have a fully functional mobile application through which you can send or receive your XRP and also trade Ripple. It is one of the best high quality exchange in the market.


  • Binance

It is another exchange company who is providing you with their wallet. This exchange was started in last year and it’s growth is very fast. You can exchange your BTC, ETH to XRP and store them. But storing it for more than 1-2 days in not advisable. It is like risking your coins. Another good thing is that they are providing 50% discount on trading fee when you exchange BTC, ETH to XRP.

These were the top wallets you can use right now.

If you’re investing for a few time you should go with the hardware wallet like ledger nano s with this type of devices your coins are more safe. While using and Binance of storing XRP is like taking a very big risk. As they are just exchange companies you should not use them to hold your XRP.

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